Tribal Election: Three Incumbents Lose Their Seats on No. Arapaho Business Council

The Northern Arapaho General Election last Thursday resulted in a shake-up of the Northern Arapaho Business Council. Elected, in order of finish, were Lloyd Goggles, Lee Spoonhunter, Karen A. Returns To War, Keenan Groesbeck, Teresa His Chase and Kim Whiteman Harjo. Incumbent council members including Chairman Jordan GoesInLodge Dresser, Stephen M. Fast Horse and Jared M. WhiteBull lost their reelection bids.

Elected to the Northern Arapaho Tribal Committee were Ricky Blackburn, Sr., Lawrence J. Bell, Alan White, Bill Armour, Clyde “mick” Spoonhunter and Richard Willow.

For the Northern Arapaho Economic Development Commission, voters chose Tova Harjo, Samuel J. Dresser, Cherly White Bul, Nora P. Oldman, April Goggles and Marian Scott.

See the election results below: