The Wind River Cougar bronze in front of the Pavillion School was adorned with a face mask earlier this year. Wearing a N 95 mask will help keep particulates from wildfire smoke out of your lungs. photo by Ernie Over

Protect yourself from Wildfire Smoke

Wildfire Smoke and Air Quality can negatively impact your health. Who is most at risk? Older Adults, Children, those with pre-existing heart and lung conditions including asthma, heart, or lung disease. What should you do?  Limit your outdoor activities, especially prolonged vigorous activity. Dust masks will not prevent your lungs from fine particles in wildfire smoke. Particulate masks known as N-95 or P-100 respirators will help when used properly. Some Symptoms of the effects of smoke include: Runny Nose, Burning eyes, Cough, Phlegm, Wheezing, Difficulty Breathing.