Rusty Wuertz

Hey I’m Rusty-not the adjective, the noun! Let’s start from the top:  My roots started at a young age on a Colorado farm with more cows than people in the town and alfalfa fields that stretched as far as you could see. Fast forward and I have now been a die-hard Wyomingite for over 10 years and just can’t get enough of our great state. I graduated as a Lander Tiger. After high school I furthered my education at CWC. Rustler orange will forever be in my heart and my closet after getting degrees in both TV and Radio. One of my favorite parts of college was my internship with 88.1 Rustler Radio. The Renegade Party Hour was on the airways for three years and taught me much of what I use today in my everyday radio life. I have been at the Wind River Radio Network Since, and have my dream job as Program Director and Morning DJ on KTAK 93.9FM!

Outside of radio, I love our Fremont County Community. That’s how I ended up in groups that help organize events like the Rendezvous Games, The PAWS Board, trash pickup groups called “Kickin’ Trash” and work on projects that improve the place we all call home. Keep your eyes peeled for community art projects on the horizon!

It’s an understatement to say that I’m an outdoor enthusiast. If it’s on the open range, or involves a fishing pole, you’ll find me there. One word…Walleye. If it goes “pew” or can be revved up, I’m your gal.

As the Program Director of the Wind River Radio Network, I’m excited to help you with your next live broadcast, promotion, or community project!