STEM… isn’t everything.

Cody’s Column is a bi-monthly opinion piece. So, at the risk of igniting a fire of emotions, what’s your “green new deal?”My blood pressure jumped a few dozen points this week when reading a construction journal editorial at my day job. Under the columnist’s rules for his “new green deal,” he suggests that 90 percent of university liberal arts programs should be eliminated and replaced with STEM courses (science, technology, engineering and math) in their place.His point is worth considering (I said ‘considering’), but it’s one-sided and, I believe, somewhat misguided. In his words, “poetry isn’t going to save the […]

Buckle Up.

Cody’s Column is a bi-monthly opinion piece. Buckling your seat belt may save your life. It’s something to ponder on this cold, rainy May day. We all drive to work, drive to school, drive to the store, drive to the doctor’s office, and this list goes on and on. We live in rural Wyoming, and we must drive places to experience life. Buckle up. And driving is most likely the single most dangerous thing that any of us will do on any given day of our lives in Big Horn County, Wyoming. Buckle up. Monday morning, I was driving toward […]