Random Ranch, LLC is building the largest hanger at the Central Wyoming Regional Airport's General Aviation side. The steel structure for the new hanger is now in place. Wyotoday photo by Enie Over

New Airport Hanger Under Construction at CWRA

Random Ranch, LLC, has now erected the steel for its new 120′ by 120′ hanger at Central Wyoming Regional Airport in Riverton. A similar hanger is being constructed at Lander’s Hunt Field Airport as well. 

According to a memo from then Public Works Director Kyle Butterfield (who is now the City Administrator), Random Ranch, LLC approached the city and Airport Board in June of 2021 regarding the possibility of building a new hangar on the airfield. The parties have since worked together to determine the site location and dimensions of the private hangar. As depicted in the attached exhibit, the proposed hangar is 120’x120’ and located on Lots 7 & 8 of the Riverton Regional Airport, Filing No. 1 plat. The Airport Board unanimously supported the construction of this hangar and necessary ground lease from the city. Following a presentation to the city council, that board also approved the new hangar and lease. 

The hanger will be the largest one at CWRA’s General Aviation side of the airport.