Investigation Leads to St. Stephens Leadership Loss

By Jeff Rebitski

The Wind River Inter-Tribal Council has voted to take immediate action in terminating administrators and the school board governing St. Stephens Indian School, following the completion of an independent federal investigation by the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE). The BIE identified widespread wrongdoing by school leadership, including: sexual misconduct and harassment; bullying and a toxic workplace environment; use of drugs and alcohol on school property and at school-related functions; financial irregularities; nepotism; and a lack of supervision by school officials in ensuring employees maintained valid state certifications.

In accordance with BIE recommendations, St. Stephens administrators terminated from their roles include: Frank No Runner, Superintendent; Greg Juneau, K-8 Principal; Matthew Mortimer, St. Stephens High School Principal; and Pattee Bement, Food Services Supervisor. Also immediately relieved of their duties is the entire St. Stephens Indian School Board, including William C’Hair; John Goggles; Ronnie Oldman; Dominic Littleshield; and Eugene Ridge Bear.

Since the conclusion of an in depth investigation has resulted in the termination and separation of school leadership, including the school Board at St. Stephens School, the BIE will defer to the authorized agencies to determine if criminal charges for the actors in this investigation are necessary. 

At this point, there is no determination as to the operations of the school. There will be significant changes and modifications and parents should expect regular updates. However, with so much to accomplish at the end of the school year, progress will be slowed and patience will be required. 

Read the Thursday Wind River News for more of an in depth story about the BIE investigation at St. Stephen’s School and look for immediate updates at