Friday, September 22, 2023

Introducing your All-Conference softball player: Lilly Hamilton

WORLAND – Even though there are no sanctioned softball teams in Fremont County (yet), that doesn’t mean that there are not softball players that are making the most with what they have. 

That is more than true in the play of Lander Valley senior Lilly Hamilton, a strong swimmer and basketball player whose passion led her to play softball for the Worland Lady Warriors, like many other Fremont County girls, and receive a scholarship to play at the collegiate level. 

Lilly Hamilton recently signed on with NDSCS to play softball next year at the collegiate level (p/c Shawn O’Brate)

Now Hamilton can bring another trophy with her to college to go along with her swim team trophies. This is due to her being the lone All-Conference selection from the Worland team for the 2023 Western Conference team. 

“I enjoy softball a lot,” Hamilton said after she signed with the North Dakota State College of Science last month. “It’s just where my heart is mostly. I enjoy other sports, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just like I pushed myself in this sport and I think that’s just where I really wanted to go.”

Lander’s Lilly Hamilton is not only a skilled softball player, she also is well-versed in the swimming pool, helping the Lady Tigers to multiple state championships in the water (p/c Carl Cote)

Hamilton will be watched with a close eye by all Fremont County residents during her journey into college softball, but especially by those that are still pushing for softball to become sanctioned by school boards like Lander’s or Riverton’s. If she can succeed at the next level there’s no doubt that other girls from around the county will follow suit, especially if they get the chance to play for their own school and not have to travel to Worland four to five times a week.