The Riverton City Council photographed on June 14, 2022. Wyotoday photo by Ernie Over

City to Sue Century Link; Speed Limit Lowered at A&T Village

Following an executive session last night, the Riverton City Council voted unanimously to file suit against Century Link to recover damages suffered during the Sunset Street reconstruction at Broadway. A previously unknown fiber optic cable system was discovered by contractors building a new storm drain down the street, which resulted in a major delay of nearly a month as the drain had to be reenginered and moved to so as not to damage the fiber optic lines. Councilors were told Tuesday that paving of the street during the phase one reconstruction should happen within the next seven to ten days, weather permitting. City officials also announced that due to the disruption the closure of the street had created, phase two of the work will be put off for one year so residents don’t have to suffered two construction seasons on the street in a row. It was also announced that residents north of Sunset on Broadway now have limited access across that intersection. 

Also following the executive session, the council approved beginning a recruitment for a new Public Works Director to replace Kyle Butterfield, who was promoted to City Administrator. 

In another action, Councilors voted to reduce the speed at the A & T Mobile Home Village, also known as the All Nations Village, from 25 mph to 15 mph with the addition of speed control devices on the only paved street there, Arapahoe. Police Chief Eric Murphy also reported he has instructed his patrol division to be in the area to check speeding when children who live in the subdivision are boarding school buses in the morning, or when they return home from school in the afternoon. The request for the lower speed limit was made by residents of the subdivision, 44 of whom signed a petition for the lower speed limit.