FCSD#25 Received “Clean” Audit from 2020-21

Lander CPA and Auditor Tim Fixter from the firm of Fagnant, Lewis and Brinda, P.C. delivered the news of a clean audit to the Riverton School Board Tuesday night. Wyotoday.com photo by Ernie Over

Fremont County School District #25 received an “unmodified” opinion from an examination of its financial records from the 2020-2021 fiscal year, the school board learned Tuesday night. Auditor Tim Fixter of the Lander firm of Fagnant, Lewis and Brinda, P.C. said there were “no differences of opinion with the district. The report is outstanding. Giving an unmodified opinion is the highest level of assurance things are accurate and your internal controls are working effectively.”

Fixter said he had asked “for a mountain of information from the districts business office and that everything was ready when we showed up.” He had high praise for the Business Manager Matt Gonzales and his staff. 

“You’ve made some great hires. There were no findings.”

Fixter told the school board that every year the audit firm changes its requests for information, “So as not to be predictable.” He added that the business office is running well and “doing a very nice job.” 

The auditor provided a couple of anecdotes that showed the depth the audit firm goes into the district’s records. “We found that one employee was paid $11.00 above their salary for the year and, in a second case, we discovered another employee received $0.17 more than they should have been paid. That’s the depth we go to in looking at the records.” He said those were very minor and did not effect the audit findings. 

Fixter also noted that of the some $9-million received by the district in Federal Funds, there were no findings.