Three jail inmates serving Covid-19 Quarantine

Fremont County Sheriff Ryan Lee this morning told the County Commissioners that 166 individuals were booked into the Detention Center in Lander during the Month of August. He said the most bookings came from the Riverton Police with 62, from his own deputies at 48, from the Lander PD with 42, the Wyoming Highway Patrol at 10, the US Marshals office with one and none from the Shoshoni Police.

The Sheriff also indicated that the current detention center population was 175 in Lander, and 186 in custody including 131 men and 44 women and two juveniles. He said one inmate is on home confinement, one at at the state hospital in Evanston and that 6 adults are in jails outside of the county.  Of those inmates incarcerated, 57 are serving a sentence while those awaiting their day in court number at 100 inmates. Sixty-one percent of those are awaiting disposition in Ninth District Court, 25 percent from Riverton Circuit Court, 11 percent from Lander Circuit Court, two percent from Lander Municipal Court and one percent from Riverton Municipal Court.

The Sheriff noted three inmates are in quarantine with Covid-19.