County Kids win dinner with UW President and a Taco Tuesday Catered meal for being vaccinated

Riverton's Cameron Schoening, now a student at the University of Wyoming, chatted with Governor Mark Gordon last June during a business seminar at Central Wyoming College. Schoening has won a dinner with UW President Edward Seidel for being vaccinatedl. CWC Photo

A University of Wyoming student from Riverton and five of his friends will have dinner with UW President Ed Seidel and his partner, Gabrielle Allen, after the student won a weekly drawing for UW students who have reported being vaccinated for COVID-19.

Cameron Schoening, a junior majoring in business entrepreneurship with a minor in honors, won the presidential dinner prize after his name was drawn from among students who have reported their COVID-19 vaccinations on the Student Health Service patient portal. The catered dinner will be scheduled in the President’s Room at the Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center.

“I got vaccinated because I was going on a trip to Kentucky with my grandma in May, and I wanted to keep her safe from contracting COVID. I spend a considerable amount of time with my grandma, so I didn’t want to put her at risk,” he says. “I found the vaccination and reporting of the vaccine to be simple and easy. I’m very grateful that I won the dinner with President Seidel, as this will be my second time meeting him. In June, I had the honor of being one of the few companies selected in Wyoming to present to President Seidel and Gov. Mark Gordon at an economic development conference in Riverton. I’m very excited to meet with President Seidel again and continue our conversation from June.”

Another Fremont County student — Kadon Price, a senior psychology major from Lander — won a Taco Tuesday catered dinner, along with five of his friends, with Provost and Executive Vice President Kevin Carman and Associated Students of UW President Hunter Swilling, from Cheyenne.

“I got vaccinated because my best friend is a respiratory therapist and my aunt is a nurse, and I trust their judgment,” Price says. “It also made it easier to travel.”

The weekly drawing for UW students who have reported being vaccinated continues until the sixth week of the fall semester Sept. 27.

As of Monday, 4,238 individual students had reported receiving at least one dose of the vaccine to Student Health, up from 4,144 the previous week — and up from the 1,665 reporting before the incentive program was announced July 9.

Also as of Monday, 2,190 of UW’s total 2,875 benefited employees — 76.2 percent — have reported through the HCM that they have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Adding in nonbenefited employees, some of whom are students, 3,455 of UW’s 6,354 total employees — 54.3 percent — have reported receiving at least one dose.

An anonymous survey conducted in conjunction with a mandatory testing program at the start of the semester reached 7,082 students and 2,102 employees, with 4,649 students (66 percent) and 1,846 employees (88 percent) saying they had been vaccinated.

Vaccines are widely available for free in the community, including the Pfizer vaccine, which has received full approval from the Food and Drug Administration for those 16 and older. The Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines also have been proven to be highly effective and safe.

Only those students who submit their COVID-19 vaccination information to Student Health are eligible for the prize drawings. Students who submit proof of their first shots will be eligible for the weekly drawings; to win the tuition and fee prizes, students must have submitted proof of complete vaccination (for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, two doses). Students should watch their UW email accounts on Mondays, as that is when they will be notified if they are prize winners.