No areas of concern detected in this weeks WNV testing

Culex mosquito. Image by FRANCO PATRIZIA from Pixabay

This weeks West Nile Virus monitoring report, released Thursday by Fremont County Weed and Pest, shows no areas of concern in the communities monitored. The monitoring is looking for the Culex species of mosquito, which carries the WNV in this area.

Dubois: No Culex mosquitos trapped, no area of concern

Lander: Total Culex captured were 167, Lander Maintenance Shop 16.4 units all other areas of town less than 10 units (50 units indicate an area of concern)

Northern Arapaho, only 1 Culex captured, not an area of concern

Pavillion, only 2 Culex captured, not an area of concern

Riverton, 11 Culex captured, no areas of concern

Shoshoni, no Culex captured, no area of concern

Eastern Shoshone – no report this week