Patricia (“Pat”) Lou Edmiston McPhee

August 29, 1945 – July 14, 2021

In loving memory of our wife and mother, Patricia (“Pat”) Lou Edmiston McPhee, born in Gunnison, CO, on August 29, 1945 to Margaret Anne (“Peggy”) Smith Feuz and Kenneth (“Kenny”) Lyle Edmiston, and raised by Edward “Ed” John Feuz (stepfather) and her mother, Peggy Feuz, in and around Jackson, Wyoming. 

The oldest of three, Pat loved passionately, with a big and generous heart, and grew up with her 2 brothers, David Warren Edmiston and Fred Moritz Feuz. Pat was raised surrounded by family, and she lived her life with the joy and love of her husband, children, grandchildren, brothers (and brothers/sisters-in-law) and their wonderful families, close cousins, nieces, nephews, children, grandchildren, and so many lifelong friends.  Pat always took care of others, especially her grandmother, her stepfather, and her mother, as their lives wound down.  May we all love with such passion and joy.

Pat married the love of her life, William (“Bill”) Garway McPhee, at the Episcopal Church in Jackson, Wyoming, on August 26, 1964 and enjoyed almost 57 years of marriage with her love, partner and best friend.  They met during Pat’s first year of college, and loved square dancing together, ranching, town life, and enjoying each other’s company.  May we always have someone to share our adventures as they did.

  Pat and Bill raised their four children, William (“Will”) James, John Edward, Daniel (“Dan”) Lyle, and Margaret Anne (“Peggy”) McPhee on the McPhee family ranch in Horsecreek, and then in Riverton and in Lander, Wyoming.  Pat was an example for all as she took on motherhood with joy in her heart, and the energy needed to care for, guide, direct, and fully participate as a parent, always at the front with her hand up when volunteers were requested. She spent the majority of her life in Lander, and loved her garden, her flowers, her house, creek and the closeness of a small community.   May we find a place of peace and beauty as Pat did to live out our days.

Pat was an avid reader, loved her family and all of her friends, enjoyed fully her coffee and her “coffee group”, could never pass up a beautiful skein of yarn, and her knitting fingers always flew across whatever project she was working.  Always a strong community member, Pat helped at the Senior Center, worked elections, and had many groups of women to her home as they all kept the small town culture, the culture of caring and being there for one another.  Pat loved having others in her home.  She had heaters outside on her deck in order to have friends over in safety and warmth during Covid-19 and the cold of winter.  She loved pictures, family history, hand-knit sweaters, counted cross-stitch, quilting, and most of all, people.  May we always find the world interesting around us as she did.

She raised her children to be strong, free thinking, courageous individuals.  Pat respected and admired independence, education, strength, love and a hard-working mentality, and brought up her children with these core tenants. She shared her attitudes openly and seemed to always bring out the best in others.  Cleanliness must have been born in her; cleanliness around her but also cleanliness in thought, word, and deed.   May we be as strong and courageous as she.

Pat was so proud of her children’s accomplishments, and she always shared stories about Will’s ability to butcher a buffalo or drive through the worst weather, John’s time in the military and his CPA / audit adventures, Dan’s superintendent work and his stories of restoration jobs, and Peggy’s travels around the world.  Pat made sure she surrounded her children with amazing and wonderful people – friends and family, and she blurred the lines as she loved so fully.  May we always remember to share stories and love.

Pat welcomed her son-in-law, Bradley (“Brad”) Thomas Piesco into the family with the biggest of bear hugs, and was so full of joy for her 2 amazing grandchildren, Margaret (“Maggie”) Lou and Catherine (“Cate”) Gianna Piesco.  Pat (“Mimi”) helped name her granddaughters with strong family names, and from the moment they were born, she shared special and fun family history with them, and made every moment together the most special of times.  May they carry her legacy forward with love, strength, independence and joy.

For all who knew this amazing, strong woman, it is no secret that she never met a stranger, only someone she needed to meet.  She loved learning, stories of people and history, and visiting with anyone.  She always left her door open, welcomed anyone her 4 children brought home (plus all the animals Dan stuffed into his pocket as a child), and was known by all as “Aunt Pat.”  She believed that the more you loved, the more you were able to love, so she opened her house and heart to her nephews, nieces, foster children, friends of her children (including some of the girls that would crawl in through her daughter’s window).  She wanted her children to know that she always supported them, so she held spaghetti dinners for John and Dan’s football teams, she was a Boy Scout leader, Girl Scout cookie representative, volunteer, and numerous other roles.   Pat was generous with her time, sharing her gifts, her love and her warmth.  She received so many honors, including the Boy Scout Silver Beaver, and numerous community recognitions.  May we remember to always be open, welcoming and generous to others around us.

Pat always had a laugh, a story to tell, a welcoming bear hug and a smile.  Every person who came into Pat’s life felt the presence of Pat’s love.  Each person has a story to tell of how this incredible woman touched their lives, and may these stories be told for years to come. 

She was an open book to be read and be enjoyed, and re-read and re-lived as her memories enhance our daily lives.  Life was not always easy, but she made the best of it, as taught by her grandmother,”…make the best of it and truly find joy in each day, and the simple things are the most important.”

Pat passed on July 14, 2021 at her home in Lander, WY.  She is survived by her husband, Bill, her sons, John and Dan, her daughter, Peggy, her son-in-law, Brad, and her 2 granddaughters, Maggie and Cate.  

She is preceded in death by her parents and her son, Will (who passed away on December 2, 2019). 

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