Fire Restrictions enacted on Wind River Reservation effective Friday morning

Effective Friday, June 18, fire restrictions will be in place on the lands of the Wind River Indian Reservation according to an announcement by Leslie Shakespeare, Superintendent of the BIA Wind River Agency. The restrictions were approved today, June 17th, and will stay in effect until December 31, 2021, or until conditions improve and restrictions are lifted.

In summary the following restrictions prohibit the following practices on the Wind River Reservation:

• Any field, ditch, debris or pile burning

• Building or using an open fire or campfire. Exceptions are petroleum-fueled stoves, grills and lanterns in areas that have been cleared of all vegetation for three feet on all sides.

• The use of explosives including targets that can explode

• internal or external combustion engines (e.g., chainsaws) without a properly working spark arrester.

• Welding or operating an acetylene or torch with open flame.

• Fireworks or other pyrotechnic devices, including tracer ammunition.

• Burn barrels without lids. Burn Barrel burning with lids between 6p.m. and 8 a.m. allowed.

Any violation of these practices will be issued a citation and could be prosecuted by the Wind River Tribal Courts under these sections of the Shoshone and Arapaho Law and Order Codes:


• Section 7-3-7 Reckless Endangering

• Section 7-6-2 Negligent Burning

• Section 7-5-9 Disobedience to Lawful Order of Court

Exceptions to the restrictions include those uses associated with ceremonies, sweats, and screened burn barrels in an area cleared at least by a (10) ten foot radius.

Fire Danger today on the Shoshone National Forest, the Wind River Indian Reservation and in Yellowstone National Park range from Very High to Extreme. photo by Ernie Over

Copies of the fire restrictions will be posted throughout the Wind River Indian Reservation. If you see a fire, please report it to either of the following agencies:

• Bureau of Indian Affairs, Forestry Warehouse – 307-332-4408

• Cody Fire Dispatch – 1-800-295-9954

• Fremont County Sheriff’s Office in Lander – 307-332-5611 or 911

• Wind River Police Department – 307-332-3112

/s/ Leslie Shakespeare, Superintendent, Wind River Agency, Fort Washakie