Riverton adopted FY 21-22 Budget; No public comment

Riverton Mayor Richard Gard said Tuesday night the city is fortunate to have made it through the pandemic in as good shape as it has. He made the comments after complementing staff for their work in preparing the budget during a year of uncertainty.

With no one in the audience for the public hearing on the $22,636,366 budget, the council unanimously approved the measure.

City Administrator Tony Tolstedt said in a memo to the council, of the total budget, $7,234,991 is derived from capital expenditures, The General Fund accounts for approximately 37% of the total FY 2021 budget with the remaining 63% being derived from the other City funds. All funds of the City of Riverton are divided into three categories: governmental, proprietary, and fiduciary.


The General Fund, 911 Fund, 1% Fund, etc. are governmental funds. Proprietary funds are enterprise funds: water, wastewater, and sanitation. We treat the Airport as a Proprietary fund; however, it should be noted that it is not self-sufficient through business-type activities and relies on the General Fund for a subsidy. Fiduciary funds are the Senior Center, Economic Development, Riverton Rendezvous, and Rendezvous Games.