Jail Demographics Explained to Commissioners

The Fremont County Sheriff's Office and Detention Center entrance in Lander. Wyotoday.com photo by Ernie Over

Fremont County Sheriff Ryan Lee told the county commissioners this morning that 46 inmates out of the detention center’s total population of 180 inmates have been sentenced and are now serving their time. That means that 134 inmates are still waiting for their time in court.

Of those, Lee said 46 percent are awaiting disposition of their cases in Ninth District Court, 43 percent from Riverton Circuit Court and 13 percent from Lander Circuit Court.

In May, Lee said a total of 122 individuals were booked into the detention center, eight fewer than in April. By agency, most of those booked came from Riverton at 56, the Sheriff’s Department with 31, Lander Police with 23, the Wyoming Highway Patrol with 12, and one from the Shoshoni Police Department.


Of the 180 inmates, 118 are men, 55 are women and there are three juveniles incarcerated. One inmate is on home confinement and three inmates are currently being housed at the Wyoming State Hospital in Evanston.

The Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center has received 3,000 calls for service so far this calendar year.