Northern Arapaho Approve Decriminalization of Medical Marijuana

Jordan Dresser is the Chairman of the Northern Arapaho Business Council. He reported the Council had approved decriminalization of medical marijuana at its meeting this past weekend. photo by Ernie Over

The Northern Arapaho General Council this past weekend voted to decriminalize the use of Medical Marijuana on the Wind River Reservation. The Eastern Shoshone Tribe will vote on the issue this coming Saturday at their General Council at Fort Washakie. To change the Law and Order Code on the Reservation, both tribes must be in agreement.

Northern Arapaho Business Council Chairman Jordan Dresser told a Wind River Radio Network Audience Thursday that the vote is the first step in a long process that he said could take some time.


“It really made me feel good that we reached a quorum of 150 members on a cold and windy Saturday,” he said. Dresser said the General Council, due to Covid-19 precautions, was held in a Tent on the grounds of the Wind River Hotel and Casino. After the vote, Dresser said he’ll wait for the Shoshone Council decision and then “we’ll go from there.”