Wind River Range above normal for snowpack

The Natural Resources Conservation Service is reporting statewide snowpack/SWE at 89 percent of median today.   Basins west of the continental divide generally had 10 to 20 percent decreases in snowpack/SWEs from last week due to active snowmelt at elevations below 9,000 feet.  Basins in central to north central Wyoming—to include the Bighorn, Wind, Tongue, and Powder—generally had  snowpack/SWE numbers that generally remained the same or had with small increases.   

The increases are mainly due to additional mountain snow from last week.  The Powder and Tongue Watersheds to have the highest SWEs in the state with 129 percent and 124 percent, respectively; while the Upper Bear Basin had the state low at 57 percent of median.


The Wind River Basin finally moved above normal with a 101 percent reading over the past week, the Bighorn Basin stayed the same at 114 percent and the Sweetwater River Basin slipped 10 points to 65 percent of the 30 year median.

Light snow amounts are expected across all mountain areas in Wyoming early in the week and again by the end of the week (see 7-day precipitation totals map in report).

Snow levels will be fluctuating between 8,000 to 9,000 feet.

Active snowmelt —especially below 9,000 feet—will be limited (1 to 2 days at most) during the upcoming week as generally below average temperatures are expected.