Fees going up for County Planning Office Services

Fremont County Planning Director Steve Baumann presented an updated fee schedule for various services provided by his office. A reduced increase was approved. Wyotoday.com photo from Zoom.

Fremont County Planner Steve Baumann presented a proposal to the Fremont County Commissioners on Tuesday to increase fees for specific planning and development services offered by his Department. Baumann urged the change “to more closely align the time it takes to work on projects,” he said.

The proposed fees he presented are reflected in the “green” April 3 column of the chart below:

“While admirable, the burdened fees are a bit much to swallow at one time,” said Chairman Travis Becker. “I can’t stomach that. I propose we do a two-step fee increase over two years.”

Commissioner Mike Jones said the commission “needs to understand the true cost of what it takes (and costs) to do things.”


Commissioner Clarence Thomas initially supported Baumann’s proposal saying “we need to get ready for the growth that is coming, and we cannot burden our county departments.” After further discussion he said he could support a two year step plan.

Commissioner Jennifer McCarty was in support of the burden costs. “This is nothing compared with what it costs us. I really think we are already burdened. I want to see the burdened fees go through.”

Jones made a motion to accept the March 23 proposed “yellow” colored column as the fees for the coming fiscal year 2021-22 and then review again before the 2022-23 fiscal year. The motion was approved.