Fremont named a “Second Amendment Sanctuary County” after action today

Fremont County is now a Second Amendment Sanctuary County, as approved via resolution by the County Commissioners.

The resolution, which drew the support of Sheriff Ryan Lee, was originally adopted in Weston County, Wyoming, and brought here “because of what is going on in Washington, D.C.” No one at this morning’s meeting defined what that was, although it was inferred that gun rights were at risk without any proof being provided.

“I’m in full support of this resolution,” Lee said. “I can tell you that I receive questions on a regular basis from people who want to know if I will defend the Constitution of the United States, and that’s my job. If anyone wants to take a person’s guns away my answer is absolutely not. There’s nothing in there that would hamper my duties.”

On the Zoom broadcast, Fremont County Democratic Party Chair Polly Hynds asked: “How is it that you can vote on a Resolution that represents this whole County without any Public Comment?” Her request was not acknowledged.

Before the resolution was adopted, Commissioner Clarence Thomas said there is a responsibility of gun ownership. “It is a responsibility as a citizen to have knowledge of firearms that safety and security come first. He further said young persons should be be taught ” to respect firearms and not taking them for granted.” He said each citizen should understand the full responsibility of owning firearms.”

An amendment was offered to state that in the resolution. It was approved.

The text of the original resolution is copied below without the amended language: