Native American Dancers of Wind River Participate in Inauguration Parade

Native American dancers from both the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribes were both invited to and participated in the virtual inauguration parade today for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. The parade was held in virtual form this year due to COVID-19 restrictions in Washington DC. The virtual event included participants from all 50 states.


“It was an honor to congratulate our new president and the first woman Vice President on this historic day!” said Lynette Grey Bull.

A video of the dancers can be seen here:

Introduction video: Lynnette Grey Bull.Videographer: A’Kai Grey Bull. Drummers: Harvey Spoonhunter & Theron Spoonhunter
Northern Arapaho & Eastern Shoshone Dancers: Marlin Spoonhunter, Carrie White Antelope, Layha Spoonhunter, Dr. Tarissa Spoonhunter, Harmony Spoonhunter, Talon Whelan, Jonah Grey Bull, Amya Whelan, Ahyla Grey Bull, Destiny Spoonhunter, Amani Whelan, & Rhihanna Spoonhunter.