Midvale Fishing Derby hauled in nearly $10,000

Ocean Lake was a hot spot for this year's Midvale Ice Fishing Derby. Above, the western end of the lake saw quite a few anglers fishing for Ling, Walleye and Perch. Wyotoday.com photo by Ernie Over

Midvale Store owner Lou Rochlitz said it was “so cool” to see the turnout for the 10th Annual Midvale Benefit Ice Fishing Derby this past Friday through Sunday. In fact, the turnout was a record. According to Lou, 163 individuals registered this year, 11 more than the previous high. “We raised almost $10,000,” he said.

This year, Half of the entry fee and all cash donations went to 6-month-old Emmalee Filman. Rochlitz said little Emmalee has undergone surgeries for a heart defect and was diagnosed with Chylothorax. He said the funds raised by the derby would help the family to travel to and from Denver for her treatment.


“It was so heartwarming that many who won cash prizes at the derby donated their winnings back to benefit the little girl,” he said, noting that $870 was given returned. “We are really lucky to be in Fremont County where people help each other. And the kids who won and gave back their winnings indicates there is some pretty good parenting going on out there.”


The turnout and donations were especially welcome this year as there was not a silent auction due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here are the Ice Fishing Derby winners and the size of their respective catches:


1. Jose Torres – 3.94 lbs

2. Shane Fehring – 2.84 lbs

3. Ashly Pinkston – 2.71 lbs


1. Shawna Moysan – 8.06 lbs

2. Travis Barton 4.05 lbs

3. Travis Hiett – 3.96 lbs


1. Travis Barton – 1.10 lbs

2. Matt Post – 1.05 lbs

3. Torrey McKiernan – 1.03lbs


Ernest Lawson – 3.61

There were also several raffles going on. Winner of the AR15 was Gwen Murphy and the winner of the Ford Bronco Hunting Vehicle was Specialty Marine.

“I really want to thank everybody who kicked-in, before, during and afterwards,” Rochlitz said. “I especially want to thank Fritz’s Auto for all the work on the hunting vehicle plus RTO for the tires and Federal Auto for a couple side panels. He also said that the Budweiser and Coors distributors also contributed the Yeti coolers that were raffled.