New health services initiated in Riverton Schools for Reservation students

Erika Yarber of Wind River Cares addressed the Riverton School Board Tuesday night about a new in-school health screening program for Reservation students. photo by Ernie Over

Wind River Cares representatives were at Tuesday night’s Riverton School Board meeting touting their school-based health care program for reservation students. In collaboration with Fremont County School District #25, initiation of the service was said to be the health program’s “main priority” to “ensure a healthy and happy lifestyle fo our youth.”

Project Coordinator Erika Yarber, dentist Grant Christensen, optometrist Christine Tasso and Strategic Planner Corina Teves said three sites are now open in the Riverton Schools, at Riverton High School, Rendezvous Elementary and the Aspen Early Learning Center.

Christensen said he was “super excited” about the dental screening program, and he noted that a mobile dental clinic should be available by the end of this school year.

Tasso said it was critical that the kiddos be able to see so they can learn. “We want to get them what they need to succeed,” she said.


A fourth program will be placed in Jackson Elementary when supplies are obtained.

If the screenings discover the need for x-rays or other work, the students would be taken to Wind River Cares’ 12 Street Clinic.

Christensen said with the school-based health facilities, “it will reduce the time the kids are out of the classroom. “We’ll be able to do the screening and have them back in class in 10 minutes, instead of a half-day or more,” he said.

Superintendent Dr. JoAnne Andre-Flanagan said she was happy with the school-based program. “It is important to have kids in school at their best. This is a game-changer for the kids,” she said.

Teves said the program is being pro-active instead of re-active to address any heath concerns sooner and have the kids in school longer.