Extension for Harris Bridge Project approved, Paradise Valley Bridge replacement given green light.

Fremont County’s Transportation Supervisor Billy Meeks, gave the county commissioners updates on several ongoing projects and one future project at this morning’s meeting in Lander.

They are:

• A request to extend the contract for the time to complete the Harris Bridge Project was approved from January 22 to February 5th. Meeks said the deck on the bridge was being poured today and the road would be open later this month.

• A project to replace a bridge on the Paradise Valley Road was explained. A 24-foot-wide box culvert will replace a 12-foot wide bridge to allow farming equipment to cross. “Right now some equipment, including wide swathers, cannot cross the bridge which creates a hardship to some farmers,” Meeks said.

• Meeks sought, and gained approval, for two projects along county roads come this spring and summer. One $400,000 project would re-stripe county asphalt roads and the other would be $400,000 to install delineator posts along county routes. Meeks said the county would piggyback with WYDOT on the purchase of paint and the posts to save some funds. Meeks said he thought all of the striping could be done, but about half of the delineator post installation on his priority list.


• The County Transportation Supervisor said county road signs out on the reservation are being defaced again with spray paint. He said the signs, if they could not be cleaned, cost about $100 each.

• A washout on the Wilderness Road was fixed.

Meeks also reported that because of the mild weather so far, his department h as been able to get extra work done, including installation of cattle guards, tree trimming, replacing culverts and the such.