County to support Riverton Fire District Request

The Riverton Fire Protection District is seeking funding for a new tender and fire engine from the State Loan and Investment Board. photo by Ernie Over

The Fremont County Commissioners this morning agreed to provide a letter of support to a Riverton Fire District request to the state for two new pieces of apparatus. Jeff Kehl, Fire District Administrator, said they want to replace two 20-year-old engines with a pumper tender used primarily out of the city and a 1,600 gallon fire engine for use within the city and the urban interface around Riverton. Kehl put the cost of the two at about $1.3 million.

“We’ve been saving for this and we have $650,000 in reserves we can use for the purchase,” Kehl said. “We’re not asking you for any money, just a letter in support of the request.” He said the district is asking the state for the other half of the cost.


When asked if the grant is successful, what would happen to the units phased out? Kehl said the State Fire Marshall maintains a list of fire departments needing equipment, so the first priority would be selling to other departments within the state. “Some of this equipment would be very useful to a smaller department,” Kehl said.

The application is due in Cheyenne by February 16th and the grant request will be heard on June 17th.