Lummis: “Stop the Violence” US Capitol Building Breached

CNN video still from the Chambers of the United States House of Representatives inside the US Capitol as Security guards point firearms at a mob outside the chambers trying to break in. Credit: CNN News

Wyoming’s Junior United States Senator who was just sworn into office this past Sunday, has criticized the insurrection Wednesday which resulted in the US Capitol Building being breached and vandalized this afternoon.

During a joint session of Congress to confirm the vote of the Electoral College that gave Joe Biden the Presidency, protestors stormed the capitol building, broke their way in and forced the House and Senate members into hiding to protect themselves.

One woman was shot during the insurrection and a law enforcement officer was injured and taken away by ambulance.


Lummis was one of a group of conservative senators who planned to protest the Electoral College vote today. Her comments have not addressed those plans as of 2:30 p.m. this afternoon.

Here are the Senator’s Tweets on the events today: has also reached out for comment to US Senator John Barrasso and US Representative Liz Cheney, who have not yet responded.