Commissioners approve Horse Racing Betting

The county commissioners Tuesday approved a request by Wyoming Downs for horse racing pari-mutuel betting machines to be placed in local bars. Image by Calvin Tatum from Pixabay

The Fremont County Commissioners on Tuesday approved a request from Wyoming Downs to place pari-mutuel horse bettering machines in several bars within the county.

Wyoming Downs Spokeswoman Jill Jarred said the process to place the machines is rigorous under requirements from the Wyoming Gaming Commission. She said the machines would not dispense cash, but only winning tickets to be redeemed at a different location.

She said the approval process by the state includes training and licensing of the machine’s operators, installation of cameras, and plans for where the machines would be located inside an establishment.


The commission approved the request on a 4-1 vote with Commissioner Clarence Thomas voting no. Commission Chairman Travis Becker reminded Jarred that any pari-mutuel betting machines placed within a municipality requires the approval of that municipalities governing council. Machines placed outside of the municipalities in the county would not need that extra approval.