Aircraft Landed safely at CWRA after mechanical, hydraulic issue

A Key Lime Airlines Metroliner Cargo Aircraft (KLA)

A Key Lime Airlines Beech 1900 aircraft declared an emergency before landing without incident at Central Wyoming Regional Airport in Riverton Monday night.

Airport Operations Manager Paul Griffin said the pilot declared an emergency to Salt Lake Control saying he had lost his hydraulics when he was about 15 minutes out of the airport.. Police and fire were notified to have them stand by when he was going to land.

Griffin said the aircraft took three-quarters of the runway to come to a stop and when finally parked, a hydraulic fluid leak collected under the plane.


The pilot also asked Airport Personnel to check his tires, which were fine. He later determined the fluid leak was to blame for what he though was a tire problem.

Key Lime was planning to send in a mechanic to effect repairs

UPS uses Key Lime locally for incoming and outgoing packages.