Mask up at school activities or watch them on line; New community protocols in place at FCSD#25

A good portion of Tuesday nights Riverton School Board meeting was spent on talking about the Coronavirus and ways the district has implemented to curtail the spread of the virus in school facilities.

“The Wyoming High School Activites Association (WHSAA) sent out additional guidance on masking protocol,” Superintendent Dr. JoAnne Andre-Flanagan reported. “Our community events make us the most nervous, we doing a good job inside our schools, and the Covid cases are coming from events that happen outside the schools and our protocols are catching them.”

Flanagan said school events with large numbers of people “are concerning to us. Our new guidance (from the WHSAA) is for everyone to mask up at all of our activities, and we are getting protocols in place for that, she said. “If they can’t mask up, they can watch on line,” but they won’t be allowed in the venue. “We are sharing our concern to keep the schools open. The last thing we want is to move back into remote education. It’s Not the direction we want to go so we have to be extra cautious,” Flanagan said. “It will not make everyone happy but it’s the right thing  to do.”

Flanagan said the district’s Covid-10 testing plan through Vault is about ready to roll out. She said the testing is open to any staff member to opt in and she said 20 percent of the staff will take the testing every two weeks. She said then in 10 weeks, the entire staff should be tested. This is also available to families, and for that matter, anyone in the community,” she said. See how to get the community tests here.


Flanagan said the precautions “are not just about our kids, it is, but we need our staff, bus drivers, people who clean our buildings, and feed our kids all in on this. This takes a lot of people,” she said.

The Superintendent did not that some Covid infections have been with staff members, “and we need to find substitutes for them. It’s important for the community to understand the spread can have on our schools. Please work with us, work together,” she said. “We can get through this working together. Need the communities help and support to keep our schools open for our kids and staff and keep things working well. We can’t just want it, we need to do something to make it happen.”