Mullen Fire approaching 70% containment; Fire footprint is now roughly 176,854 acres

The Mullen Fire in Southern Albany County in Wyoming and Northern Jackson County in Colorado is now 69 percent contained, according to the Monday morning update. The fire has consumed roughly 176,854 acres.

Fire suppression efforts continue in Foxbourogh , Fox Park and Porter Creek in anticipation re-entry into those areas. Containment is mostly reported on the eastern edge of the fire. The southern and western edges of the fire’s footprint have been contained.

There are about 808 firefighters and support staff still on the fire lines, down from about 1,700 firefighters and staff at the peak of the blaze. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

As more of the fire is contained, the USFS continues to work with cooperators and partners on suppression repair efforts on privately owned lands in and around the Mullen Fire area, according to the Mullen Fire Facebook Page. Suppression repair efforts will occur on private lands affected or damaged by fire suppression activities during the Mullen Fire incident and have been identified as needing repair. The goal of suppression repair is to return damaged areas to a stable condition that reflects pre-fire conditions. Post-fire repair efforts include, but are not limited to, debris removal, cut fences, damaged gates, dozer line, and other damage related to operations during a wildland fire. Repairs will be implemented as soon as it is safe to do so and weather conditions allow.