Coronavirus Cases Surging in Fremont County; Three new infections at RHS

People without symptoms can shed the virus through breathing, talking, singing and coughing, which is why public health officials ask the public to be proactive and wear at cloth mask. Image:

The spread the Novel Covid-19 Coronavirus infections in Fremont County is being spread by small social gatherings inside small spaces, at schools and funerals according to Fremont County Commissioner Mike Jones, who told the Lander Rotary Club on Wednesday of the latest spike in the number of local cases. He said indoor gatherings where people are not wearing masks is a primary reason the county’s infections have dramatically increased in the past two weeks.

“People are not wearing masks when inside and not staying six feet apart from each other,” he said. “That’s fueling the rise, it really popped this week with 120 new cases.”


As of Thursday morning, there were 177 active cases of COVID-19 in Fremont County, an increase of 18 cases since Wednesday. Three of those cases were self-reported by Riverton High School, which now counts 18 infections from the start of school back in August. Principal John Griffith reported three new cases this week alone.

The number of Active Covid-19 cases reported by the Wyoming Department of Health as of Thursday afternoon, October 14th