Three in FCSD#25 Positive for Covid-19 as of Yesterday

The Riverton School Board heard Superintendent Dr. JoAnne Andre-Flanagan report three new cases of Covid-19 in the district. photo by Ernie Over

Riverton Schools Superintendent Dr. JoAnne Andre-Flanagan told the school board Tuesday night that there have been three confirmed COVID-19 infections confirmed in the district since Monday. The latest is a Riverton High School Student who was tested positive yesterday. On Monday, another RHS student and a district staff member at the Aspen Early Learning Center had tested positive. “As of today, Public Health has quarantined three close contacts from the latest infection, and that number may grow as they continue contact tracing.

Flanagan said the District’s protocols have been followed and she said “Our own process is to begin our own contact tracing and listing kids who need to be interviewed. They are sent home and we give that list to public health if they need to be quarantined.”


Flanagan noted that the district has some 2,400 students and 500 staff members, “so we know we’ll have some positive cases, so we’re trying to eliminate the potential spread.” The Superintendent said said the opening of school has gone smoothly, as it relates to the virus screening, but we cannot become lax about following the protocols.” Flanagan said students or staff who are exhibiting symptons should stay home.

“We are as prepared as we can be,” she said.