New remote fire detected in the southeast corner of Yellowstone

An aerial view of the Lone Star Fire in Yellowstone. NPS Photo

The National Park Service has reported a potential fire start in the backcountry near Heart Lake.

Here’s what we know today:

  • At about 11:45 a.m. Monday, September 21, 2020, a ranger on a backcountry patrol in the Heart Lake area (southeast corner of Yellowstone) detected the new Hancock Fire. 
  • The 0.1-acre fire is believed to be lightning-ignited, since a strike was seen very close to that location a few days prior.  
  • The tree that is on fire is smoldering, with no open flame.
  • Since the fire has low spread potential and is located in a remote area, several miles from a trail, fire staff will monitor it and will not take direct action. 
  • There are no closures in the area. Campsites and trails remain open.
  • The Lone Star Fire continues to burn, yet with minimal activity:

Acres: 3,914

Total Personnel: 45        

Cause: Lightning

A cold front moved over the fire area and the fire received approximately 0.34″+ of precipitation. Warmer and drier conditions are forecasted for this week. Fuels will continue to dry through the week and fire activity may increase. Fire activity today is minimal. Smoke on The Grand Loop Road between Old Faithful and West Thumb is always a possibility. Motorists should be cautious when smoke is present. 

  • Fire danger in the Yellowstone area remains very high; campfires in the backcountry are not allowed. All residents and visitors can assist fire efforts by following fire restrictions to reduce the potential of additional starts.