Thacker’s New Bach Trumpet picked up Saturday in Casper

Saturday was such a special day for Shoshoni’s Keegan Thacker. A few weeks ago, Keegan won a new trumpet from the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra and Hill Music Company in a statewide competition.

Always the proud Mum, Dawn Marie Connell Thacker said the photo above is not all that it seems. On her Facebook page, she wrote:

“You’ll see two educators that share a love of music and their musical gifts with others. Encouraging, challenging, supporting, believing in and sharing their knowledge with their students.

One has been a part of K’s musical journey only a short time, but has made a tremendous impact on our young musician.

The other has been there almost from the beginning, and has helped shape K not only as a musician, but also as a person. He’s believed in him every step of the way, challenged him and encouraged him to step out of his comfort zone. He has always been a positive influence.


Neither of these instructors hesitated when K asked if they would like to come to Casper to help pick out a trumpet. Both were all in.

Thank you Mr. Dulkoski and Mr. Dehnert for being a part of Keegan’s musical journey and sharing this special day. We appreciate all you do.”

Keegan is a member of the Riverton Wolverine Marching Band and now he has a new professional Bach trumpet.

Keegan in the Hill Music Store after he picked out his new Bach Trumpet.

Earlier this year, Keegan entered the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra and Hill Music’s Instrument Giveaway contest and he won.