Admiral Beverage partnered with First Lady’s Initiative

Worland, Wyo. – First Lady Jennie Gordon’s Wyoming Hunger Initiative has partnered with Admiral Beverage in Worland to provide a refrigerated truck for Star Valley Meat Block, a participating processor in the newly launched Food from the Field program.

As a part of the program, all donated deer, elk, and moose will undergo appropriate ChronicWasting Disease testing to ensure safety prior to entering the food bank system. Cold storage is necessary to store carcasses until participating processors are notified of the Chronic Wasting Disease test results. Most processors are extremely busy during hunting season and lack additional cold storage during the time they are waiting on test results; the refrigerated truck will allow additional space for carcasses to be stored.

“When we raised the funds for Food from the Field, we anticipated additional charges for necessary components such as refrigerated trucks but Admiral Beverage not only donated the truck but the driver and fuel to get it from Worland to Star Valley and back. This kind of generosity demonstrates the level to which Wyoming residents are committed to taking care of their neighbors,” says First Lady Jennie Gordon.


Star Valley Meat Block located in Afton was the first processor to sign on to participate in Food from the Field. This family-owned business is committed to serving their community and works closely with Wyoming Hunger Initiative Southwest Regional Director Sierra Mitchell of the Afton Food Pantry year round to serve families in need.