City seeking permission from residents to hunt deer

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Riverton Mayor Richard Gard said Monday that the city is currently seeking permission from city residents to harvest deer on their property. Appearing on Let’s Talk Fremont, The Wind River Radio Network’s morning talk show, Gard said the city will need landowner consent before a deer can be taken on property within the city limits. He asked that property owners contact city hall if they would allow deer to be hunted on their in-town property.

Small caliber rifles and bow and arrow are the two approved methods to harvest the deer, under the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Chapter 56 provisions, which the city sought and was granted. Chapter 56 allows municipalities to thin deer herds within their boundaries.


The city can take up to 50 deer this fall, but due to the late start of this season, it might not be possible to harvest that many.

Gard said the chosen hunters who must apply to the city, need to undergo training from the Game and Fish for urban hunting.

Gard also said any city resident who would like to have some of the venison harvested, should contact city hall with that information.

He said all harvested deer would be checked for Chronic Wasting Disease.

For further information, call the mayor at 851-1622 or City Hall at 856-2227.