Doggy “Poop Stations” placed in several Riverton locations

This dog waste station is located next to the playground at Jaycee Park. There are two poop stations at the park. photo by Ernie Over

A series of doggy “poop stations” or waste stations have been placed around Riverton, and more are coming thanks to the veterinarians at the Stock Doc and local sponsors. The stations allow those walking their dogs to pick up after them and then deposit the doggy-do into a sanitary container.

“The idea came to me because we do a lot of walking around town with our dogs, me and the girls from work, and we noticed there were no poop station along our bike and walk paths,” said Miranda Townsend, a veterinarian at the Stock Doc. “My kids play “R” Recreation football and soccer, and with no dog waste stations in the parks, they end up with poop in their cleats and such. It’s unsanitary.”

Townsend noted that when she and other parents go to other communities in the state for games, the playing fields outside of town are clean and have dog waste stations. “I thought Riverton needs to step-up and have those same opportunities,” she said.

Townsend said she and the other staff at the clinic brainstormed on ways to get some dog waste stations that would not cost the city a lot of money to maintain. “I knew that other people in town had the same feelings and would support the drive to do this,” she said. “The sponsors benefit out of advertising placed on each stand-alone station and received good will in the community, ” she said. “Pamela Canham talked to the right people and got it going and now we have three stations installed, five more to come soon and five more after that.”


Townsend said the project has been successful. I was just at Jaycee Park and saw the two up there and I’m so excited that people will do their part and use the stations,” she said. “It’s cleaner and healthier for both pets and people.”

Townsend was especially appreciative of the efforts by the City of Riverton. “Public Works Director Kyle Butterfield and Parks Supervisor Rusty Davis have been so supportive with suggesting locations and then maintaining the stations,” she said. “Without the city’s assistance and the support of our donor this would not happened. They really rallied around it,”

As a veterinarian, Townsend said the risk of not cleaning up after pets creates a human health concern, with parasites and such.”

Butterfield said the project “is a great representation of community service and people banding together. I want to thank Pamela Canham and the Stock Doc for coordinating the project and lining up sponsors for people who care about the community and dogs.”

The initial sponsors of the poop stations include Mike and June Bailey from Bailey Enterprises, Mike Yowell agent for State Farm Insurance and Judy Bauman and Niki Morrison real estate brokers from Cornerstone Realty. Also pictured is Stock Doc Veterinarian Miranda Townsend who advanced the idea for the waste stations locally.
The dog waste station at the north end of the parking lot at Jaycee Park.
The Dog waste station at City Park just south of the Splash Pad