New Show Pens for Fair’s Fur & Feather Pavilion

Kaitlyn Kiser and her Dad Al, posed in front of the new cages that the family built for the Fur and Feather Pavilion at the Fremont County Fairgrounds. photo by Ernie Over

Thanks to a local business, other supporters, some enthusiastic kids and a good carpenter, the Fremont County Fair’s Fur and Feathers Pavillion has two new show pens.

The previous pens had been around a long, long time and were showing the wear and tear with bent and damaged cages. The bright new shiny show pens were sponsored by Stotz Equipment Company, and Stotz’ own Al Kiser, along with his kids Jaxson and Kaitlyn, built two new ones with an added feature. The two are members of the Helping Hands 4-H Club.


“Kaitlyn actually came up with the idea and design of the collection pans underneath the pens for fast and easy cleanup,” the elder Kiser said. “Before, the kids had to spread out papers underneath the pens to catch the droppings. The new pans just slide right out. Each pen has its own pan.”

Jaxson and Kaitlyn Kiser planned and made the new cages with help from their father Al. Note the new pens are also mobile with wheels to make moving them around very easy.