Another Scam Circulating; Fake money passed; Vehicle versus Tree reported

Here are the Fremont County law enforcement reports from Thursday, July 30th:

The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office is warning local residents about a  job-related scam. According to a report, A county resident was the victim of a fraud from another county when the victim paid money for bogus insurance related to a fake job offer.     

A theft was reported on Lakeview Drive near Kinnear where four vehicle wheels were taken from private property.        

Two incidents of shoplifting came from the  Riverton Walmart store on Thursday. Reports are pending.     

A man was nipped by a dog on Chittim Road near Lander. There was no injury but a report was taken..

The Lander Police Department received a report from the Popo Agie One Stop where a counterfeit $50 bill was received. The bill had a notation written on it that indicated “For motion picture use only.”      

A two  year old child was bitten by a dog in the Lander area, but the location was not known. The victim was treated. The dog got away     


A license plate was found in a Popo Agie One Stop car wash bay, the license plate was returned to its owner.

Riverton Police caught a male shoplifter at Walmart trying to steal a pair of sunglasses.      

A man’s wallet was taken out of a vehicle at the  All Nations Mobile Home park on Shoshone Street.    

An man lost control of his vehicle in the 400 block of North second east and crashed into a tree, deploying the air bags. The man had minor injuries but refused treatment at the scene.       

A 2015 Dodge Ram pickup was reported  stolen from an address on East Adams Avenue.