Wyoming Man Found Guilty of Threatening to Kill Trump

Photo Courtesy of The Atlantic

A male Wyoming resident has been found guilty of threatening to kill The President of The United States Donald Trump.

A U.S. Attorney’s office news release stated that the conviction of 27 year-old Timothy Cessor, of Cheyenne, was decided yesterday after a three day jury trial.  The trial too place in Omaha Nebraska.
The release went on to explain that Cessor broke into a family gun cabinet to retrieve a .40 caliber pistol and began driving from Wyoming to D.C.

When Cessor reached Nebraska , he called his father to inform him that he was “going to take care of Trump”. Cessor later returned to a medical facility in Cheyenne where he received treatment and stated he had been driving to D.C. to kill the president.

While in the vehicle, Cessor posted a short video from his cell phone which stated that he “will not tolerate an incompetent White House.”

Cessor now faces up to five years in prison when sentenced in October.