Pioneer Pharmacy to offer Urgent Telemedicine Clinic

Stitches Acute Care Center and Pioneer Pharmacy announced a partnership this week to offer InstaClinic services at the pharmacy in an effort to increase patient access to healthcare in Riverton, Wyoming.

Pioneer Pharmacy owner and pharmacist, Sommer Pedersen, PharmD, “I am trying to increase access to healthcare for our community, especially for people without insurance and/or without a primary care provider,” she said. “Stitches accepts most insurance plans.  People with a primary care provider can also use our service if their provider is not available for an urgent matter, including on Saturdays. We offer strep and flu tests.  I am currently NOT offering COVID19 testing.”

What is an InstaClinic?

An InstaClinic is a virtual medical clinic located within Pioneer Pharmacy and provides a physical location where patients can be seen by a healthcare provider utilizing telemedicine and digital tools.  Patients will be able to access healthcare using a virtual encounter enhanced by a digital stethoscope and otoscope.  These tools will allow healthcare providers to perform a complete exam including visualizing the tympanic membranes (ear drum) and throat, listening to the heart and lungs, obtaining a full set of vital signs, and performing point of care testing such as flu and strep.  Diagnosis, treatment, prescriptions if needed, and exit care instructions are also provided during the visit. No appointments are needed. To initiate an InstaClinic visit a patient merely needs to ask the pharmacy staff to help them start the visit.


“Stitches and Pioneer Pharmacy are excited to partner on this endeavor in Riverton increasing access to quality medical care and providing incredible convenience for patients to be seen, diagnosed, and receive their prescriptions all under one roof,” according to a news release