Before Covid: Solid Growth in Third Quarter 2019

In recent weeks, Wyoming’s economy has seen many layoffs and other disruptions related to the coronavirus. This report focuses on employment and wage growth between third quarter 2018 and third quarter 2019, well before the current disruptions began. It describes Wyoming’s economic situation in late summer 2019 and provides detail by industry and county.

From third quarter 2018 to third quarter 2019, Wyoming added 5,030 jobs (1.8%) and its total payroll increased by $200.8 million (6.1%). More than half of the job gains in third quarter occurred in the construction sector, which grew by 2,970 jobs. Job growth was also seen in local government (including public schools and hospitals; 1,028 jobs), leisure & hospitality (863 jobs), and transportation & warehousing (395 jobs). Employment fell in retail trade (-660 jobs), mining (including oil & gas; -186 jobs), and information (-118 jobs).

Converse County added 1,684 jobs (28.3%) and its total payroll rose by $36.4 million (46.8%). Job gains occurred in construction, mining (including oil & gas), transportation & warehousing, local government, professional & technical services, and administrative & waste services.

Employment rose by 795 jobs (2.1%) and total payroll grew by $23.0 million (4.8%) in Natrona County. Many different sectors added jobs, with the largest gains in manufacturing, local government (including public schools and colleges), leisure & hospitality, transportation & warehousing, health care & social assistance, and professional & technical services. Job losses occurred in retail trade, administrative & waste services, and information.


Laramie County saw growth of 575 jobs (1.2%) and $28.1 million (5.2%) in total payroll. Jobs were added in leisure & hospitality, construction, transportation & warehousing, wholesale trade, professional & technical services, and manufacturing. Employment fell in administrative & waste services, retail trade, and information.

Campbell County added 407 jobs (1.6%) and its total payroll increased by $14.6 million (4.2%). Job gains were seen in construction, transportation & warehousing, leisure & hospitality, wholesale trade, and manufacturing. The mining sector (including oil & gas) lost jobs.

Teton County added 380 jobs (1.6%) and its total payroll rose by $24.6 million (8.7%). Employment grew in construction, leisure & hospitality, local government, administrative & waste services, and healthcare & social assistance.

Platte County lost 231 jobs (-6.3%) and its total payroll fell by $6.9 million (-15.6%). Employment fell in construction, state government, local government, and other sectors.

Employment fell by 142 jobs (-3.4%) in Goshen County and its total payroll decreased by $253 (0.0%).  Job losses were seen in manufacturing, leisure & hospitality, and other services.

Washakie County lost 126 jobs (-3.4%) and its total payroll fell by $339,100 (-0.9%). Employment decreased in leisure & hospitality, real estate & rental & leasing, information, retail trade, and local government.

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