Wyoming reporting rate for 2020 Census nears 57 percent

Residents of Wyoming continue to make positive gains in the 2020 Census statewide self-response rate.  Currently the Wyoming state response rate of 56.7 percent has now surpassed states like Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico and South Carolina.  In fact, the Wyoming statewide self-response rate is now tied with Oklahoma and is just one-half of a percent below the Texas state response rate (57.2 percent).

The U.S. Census Bureau is also sending reminder postcards this week to an estimated 34.3 million households.  This will be the final mailing before census takers begin visiting non-responding households across the nation in mid-August.  There is still time to respond and responding now minimizes the need for census takers to visit homes next month to collect responses in person. 

Multiple counties in Wyoming are already within five percent of their final, overall self-response rate to the 2010 Census rate.  Respond now and you can help your county beat their 2010 self-response rate.  Give your community the best chance of receiving its fair share of the hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funds and grants that will be distributed based on the results of the 2020 Census.


The following Wyoming Counties are within 5% (or less) of their 2010 final Census Self-Response Rate

(as of 07/20/20):

County (In Alphabetical Order) 2010 Final Self-Response Rate 2020 Current Self-Response Rate (7/20/20)
Albany 63.6 % 59.0 %
Johnson 64.6 % 60.9 %
Laramie 70.3 % 67.8 %
Natrona 63.6 % 60.8 %
Park 66.9 % 63.9 %
Sheridan 68.0 % 64.8 %

Households that have already responded may disregard the reminder postcard if they receive it.  A small number of households that have already responded will receive a census taker visit as part of 2020 Census quality checks.