Non-Stop flights to DIA Coming August 1st

The inaugural flight of United Express arrived at Riverton Regional Airport on January 12, 2020. photo by Ernie Over

The Chair of the Fremont Air Service Team is reporting that Riverton will have a non-stop flight to Denver beginning next month. Missy White of Lander said the SkyWest Airlines operated United Express aircraft will still overnight in Riverton beginning August 1st, but instead of the morning flight going to Rock Springs, it will head directly to Denver International Airport to meet the first bank of flights there. The jet will then return in the evening without the extra stop.

The change in schedule also means Rock Springs will once again have a non-stop flight to Denver, but without Riverton passengers in the 50 seat Canada Regional Jet aircraft.

White said the passenger numbers were the best in some eight years when the United Express Service began in the middle of January, with nearly 1,000 passengers boarding through February. The enplanements then dropped off when the Coronavirus pandemic brought the national airline industry to a near halt in March.

Historical boardings at Riverton Regional Airport are noted in the chart above. FAST’s Missy White pointed out that when the Coronavirus pandemic hit, local enplanements plunged to near zero. Boardings are now increasing again, enough for Riverton to have a non-stop flight to Denver returning each evening beginning August 1st.
The Transportation Security Agency, or TSA, noted national boardings plunged at the same time Riverton Regional Airport’s traffic took a nose dive. Both are now beginning to rise again
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