Body Cameras Now In Use For Every Officer at RPD

The new body cams can take video, still shots, record audio and act as a backup flashlight, St. Ryan Wangberg said. photo by Ernie Over

The Riverton Police Department now has body cams for each of its officers, Chief Eric Murphy reported to the City Council Tuesday night. The Chief also indicated the department has also replaced all of its AR-15 firearms after the State Crime Lab determined the former ones were worn out.

The RPD’s new AR15 firearms modeled by Sgt. Ryan Wangberg.

Mayor Richard Gard credited Council President Mike Bailey with helping to obtain the body cameras, which previously were only in use by half of the RPD’s force.

Sgt. Ryan Wangberg said the new body cams have been in use and have already been a great assist to the department in court cases. He said a recent incident involving a suspect cleared an officer after it was alleged the officer had put the female suspect in a choke hold. The video from the camera clearly showed the woman falling down on her own accord and was not touched by the officers. “It’ll be a great help to protect our officers from false accusations,” he said.

The RPD’s Sgt. Ryan Wangberg,was photographed wearing a body cam and holding one of the department’s new AR15 firearms in the officer’s squad room. photos by Ernie Over