Fund Raising Launched for Riverton Man seriously injured in Haul Truck Crash

The haul truck is pictured with personnel attending to Ward at the scene of the crash.

The family of Neil Ward has established a Go-Fund-Me page to help with expenses after a rollover crash this past week that nearly killed him. Details of the incident are on the family’s page, copied below:

“Neil Ward- was in an accident while he was at work in the Gas Hills doing mine reclamation. It’s believed that the embankment gave way to his haul truck causing it to roll down the embankment. He was ejected and has sustained several severe injuries. He was flown to Denver, CO to receive care for those injuries. His injuries are a fractured skull behind the right ear that leads to the front of his head, two blunt force trauma wounds to the front of his head that are causing a brain bleed, he has a fractured neck, chest fracture, dislocated shoulder, several broken ribs, a broken back (lumbar), a deep laceration above his left knee all the way to his tendons, and 34 percent of his legs are burnt to the 3rd degree. He is currently on a ventilator as well being in an induced coma.  The reason we as a family are implementing a Go Fund Me is to help with un foreseen costs for lodging so we can have a family member with him at all times. Due to COVID-19 nobody is allowed to stay at the hospital. Fundraiser will also help  with his bills that he may encounter along the way as well as his prior commitments he had before the accident. We ask to please help in any way shape or form that you possibly can and if you’re not in a financial situation to do so we ask that you keep him in your prayers and pray for a fast recovery.”


You can see the Go-Fund-Me page here.