Extra Help Available for Free and Reduced Meals at School

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Wyoming has been approved for the new Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) program offering extra help buying groceries for the families of children who normally receive free and reduced-price meals at school.

P-EBT provides temporary assistance for households with children affected by school closures during the public health emergency.  Each qualified student may be eligible for up to a total of $285. 

Wyoming children who were receiving free or reduced lunch at the time of school closure due to COVID-19 are eligible for P-EBT. 


The Wyoming Department of Family Services (DFS) is the implementing agency for P-EBT and is working in coordination with the Wyoming Department of Education and local school districts to verify eligibility for free or reduced-cost lunch and P-EBT under the National School Lunch Program .

 The parent or guardian of the children must apply for P-EBT for their children. Applications must be received by June 3, 2020. Applications can be completed online at https://dfs.wyo.gov/.