Will Prom and Graduation still be held this year at RHS?

Students began celebrating at the close of the Riverton High School graduation last Spring. A decision on how to hold a graduate during Covid-19 restrictions is currently being discussed. If it is held, it most likely would be at an outside venue. Photo by Ernie Over

The Riverton School Board met Tuesday night on the on-line meeting platform of ZOOM. Superintendent Terry Snyder joined the meeting from Omaha, Nebraska, where he said the number one question being fielded by the school district is the future of Riverton High Schools prom and graduation ceremonies.

“This is not a commitment, but I want our kids to have that experience. This is not thumbs up or thumbs down yet,” Snyder said. “We have to get as creative as we possibly can to keep our students safe. If I had to project (for graduation) we would not be in a gymnasium, but in an outdoor location.” Snyder said the annual prom and graduation are “two of  the big ones we keep getting asked about. I don’t know yet, I’d like to do both but….”

Snyder said those decisions would have to be made in the next week or so.

The majority of the on-line meeting concentrated on the closure of the schools and what plans have been made if the closure extends beyond the end of spring break on April 6th. Assistant Superintendent JoAnne Flanagan said trainings were being held with staff and plans were being devised to get technology into the hands of students who do not have computers at home, or for those homes with multiple students at different grade levels.

She said the district has purchased some 50 or so “hot-spots” to enable internet connections for students without them. “We’ll be meeting (Wednesday) to iron out more details,” Flanagan said. “We’ve also made provisions for filters on the hot spots so only appropriate sites can be visited.”

Snyder said the Covid-19 Pandemic and school closures have provided an opportunity “for adults to become learners now. We’ve learned a lot, a great deal, but our focus is still on educating our students.” Snyder said the first week or so of the school closure has been focused on reinforcement and enrichment, “but now we’re at a state for the traditional instruction to continue, with daily lessons, student projects and responsibilities. We have to get back as close as possible to classroom accountability.”