Summer Powwow Schedule released by WRVC

Powwow dancers assemble to share songs and dance together. Photo by Jennie Hutchinson

Powwows can be traced back to pre-European times when Plains Indians used dance to honor tribal members, recognize important events, and seek protection for warriors and hunters. See the attached powwow flyer to find your opportunities to see one this summer.

Today, powwows remain an important way for Native Americans to celebrate their culture and traditions while rekindling social ties and making new friends.

Remember that at each powwow you visit, things will be slightly different based on tribal customs. Be respectful of the uniqueness of each tribe. You can read all about proper powwow etiquette and courtesies here.

May through September you can experience real cultural events by attending powwows and dance events on the Wind River Indian Reservation. Bring the family to watch living history in motion. It’s one of those educational experiences that’s so entrancing you’ll want to keep learning and see as many as you can of them while you’re in the heart of Wind River Country.