Sideswipe Crash results in Reportedly Minor Injuries

The Dodge Ram involved skidded in the snow and came to a stop facing the highway, but did not trip and roll after the crash. photo by Rustey Wuertz

A two-vehicle crash this afternoon just west of Kinnear resulted in significant property damage but no life threatening injuries according to radio reports.

The incident came in after 2 p.m. at milepost 114 on Highway 26, which placed it about one mile west of the Ethete and Pavillion intersection.

Damage to the sedan was on the drivers side quarter panel and door. photo by Rusty Wuertz

Involved were a Dodge Ram pickup and a sedan. The pickup ended up in the eastbound lane barrow ditch pointed toward the highway and the sedan, about 100 or so yards from the crash scene, was off on the shoulder of the road.

The two vehicles sideswiped each other.

Two Wyoming Highway Patrol State Troopers were at the scene investigating. Two ambulances were called to the scene along with the Morton-Kinnear Fire Department and at least three Fremont County Sheriff’s Deputies.

One of the vehicles involved, a Dodge Ram pickup, ended up skidding off of the road and onto the eastbound barrow ditch. State Troopers are pictured beginning an investigation photo by Ernie Over
Many emergency response vehicles were at the scene of a sideswipe crash Thursday afternoon West of Kinnear. photo by Ernie Over